Favorite Garden Photos of 2012

The pot has such great texture, and then there's that owl.
The pot has such great texture, and then there’s that owl.

Do you ever have that experience downloading photos where you go — wow! — I can’t believe I captured that image?  Garden tours often leave me with that sensation — though it’s more due to the beauty of the gardens than any skill I bring to the party. This year, I visited Monet’s Garden in France, where nearly every picture was lovely. Here are a few other favorites from 2012. Interestingly, several of them were take on the same day — June 23 — when I visited the Hudson Wis. Garden Tour. The light was perfect that day — a little overcast, but bright — and the gardens were gorgeous. What was the favorite photo you took in 2012?

Happy New Year!


3 thoughts on “Favorite Garden Photos of 2012

  1. What a lovely tour through your year. Giverny! I guess it would be hard to take a bad photo there. So much of good photography is about light so you got lucky with a whole June day with perfect light. My post today is about light, but I’m going to have to think a lot harder to choose a Favorite photo for 2012. Actually we just printed up photos of family and friends for 2012. When I put the photos in an album it made me think we really had a great year – gardens aside.

  2. I’ve just visited the on-line digital edition of the Northern Gardener. Fabulous! Easy to navigate, beautiful photos and great information. Congratulations.

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