Covering Up

Bring on the freeze!

My very unofficial thermometer read about 24 degrees F at 7 a.m. today, and there were definite signs of a freeze around the neighborhood. Last night, I covered up my little cherry tree out front in hopes of keeping it a bit warmer against the freeze.

I was surprised how big that tree has gotten! Even using two sheets sown together and an extra queen size sheet, I wasn’t able to cover the entire tree. I plan to leave the ghost covering on through Thursday morning when the freezing night-time temps are predicted to pass.

4 thoughts on “Covering Up

  1. There were icicles hanging from the rocks around my pond this morning here in Savage… burrrr! I covered all my winter sown containers and everything seems to have survived just fine. Hope your cherry tree isn’t harmed by these freezing temps.


  2. Amy — The cherry tree looks pretty good, so far, but I discovered my azaleas in back look like they were nipped, also so lupines, which I never thought would have a problem. Hopefully, they will return.

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