Another Fantastic Fall Bloomer

marigoldsI started these gorgeous marigolds in the vegetable garden from seed back in May. They looked so pretty that I moved them to the front garden to brighten it up this fall. They survived the move and with adequate water show no signs of stopping the bloom parade. The marigolds are pass-along seeds I got from a gardening friend of my older brother. I plan to collect seeds from these later in the fall and use them to add some bright orange to next year’s garden, too.

3 thoughts on “Another Fantastic Fall Bloomer

  1. The ‘lowly’ marigolds are such workhorses in the garden, aren’t they? Mine are still going strong, too. I think they are very under-appreciated!

  2. We haven’t had a real killing frost yet, but the zinnias are gone. Very few blooms anywhere. The constant rains and cool temperatures are doing great things for the lawn, and I am glad the aquafer is being recharged, but things are looking a little sad and end of autumn.

  3. We have the opposite situation this fall — very, very dry and warm. (Though we have cooled back to normal this week.) My Profusion zinnias still look amazing — and we even have a few Monarchs hanging around.

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