It’s Time for Some Pickling and Jamming

Fall seems to be rushing in here in Minnesota, which is all the more reason to preserve some of the garden harvest for enjoying over the winter.

This past weekend, I spent some time pickling and jamming, using vegetables from my own garden and a few I bought at the farmers’ market. Here’s the round up with links to all the recipes:

Pickled onions, bread and butter pickles, yellow tomato jam and a stray bottle of pickled red cabbage.
Pickled onions, bread and butter pickles, yellow tomato jam and a stray bottle of pickled red cabbage.

I’ve never pickled onions before, but both my Chicago daughter and our Northern Gardener Kitchen Garden columnist Rhonda Hayes tell me that they are all the rage on tacos, pulled pork and other foods that need a bit of zing. I had good luck this year growing these onions from Seed Savers Exchange. The mixture is super tart, but just right to brighten up a meaty sandwich.

I had half a head of red cabbage left from a salad I made so I decided to pickle that as well using the same method, but adding some raw ginger to the container. Ginger is a great companion to cabbage, adding a little heat to an otherwise bland vegetable.

Of course, I had to make a batch of Grandma Lahr’s Bread and Butter Pickles. Minnesotans like a sweeter pickle and these have just the right sweet-tart blend. I grew up eating these alongside a tuna or meat sandwich — yum!

Finally, I made a batch of this Yellow Tomato Jam, a sweet way to preserve the harvest. To me, this jam is like the first taste of fall because it has some of the spices of fall. If you like your tomatoes sweet, you may want to try this  recipe for a tomato peach pie!

The preserving is just starting here — my raspberries are ripening fast so I’ll be picking, freezing and eating them daily, and I have bunches of herbs to make into pesto and a sauce I call salty herb blend, which is great for putting in soups or on meats.

What are you preserving this fall (oops) summer?

2 thoughts on “It’s Time for Some Pickling and Jamming

  1. My 22 tomato plants are producing like crazy, so today I peeled, stewed, and ran a bunch through the Foley mill so I can can some home made tomato soup. I’ve put up 11 pints of peach’s, 7 pints of strawberry jalapeño jam, 14 jars of rhubarb sauce, And 14 pints of green beans. After I can the tomato soup tomorrow I need to can a box of pears. My sweet corn needs to be picked and canned soon too. Just not enough hours in the day this time of year.
    I’m hoping to get some cukes soon ( I planted them very late this year) so I can make bread and butter pickles.

  2. Wow! Good for you, Chris! I’m doing less canning this year. Missed the peaches entirely, but did get plenty of strawberry jam. Raspberries are coming in heavily, too, so I’ll be freezing those.

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