Why Weed in November?

Saturday was a strangely warm day for November in Minnesota, and I took the opportunity to do some final weeding in my yard and gardens. Our lawn has one section where the grass mysteriously has died over the past year, and it’s very prone to a certain dandelion-like weed. So, that got a good going over as did two shrub and perennial beds where I pulled out thistles, dandelions, grasses and a couple of other unwanted plants.

bind weed
Every weed you pull in fall, is 10 fewer to pull in spring. Bindweed is one of the worst.

Why weed in November? The main reason is so that you do not have to weed (as much) in April and May. Several sources I trust say that for every weed you pull in the fall, you won’t have to pull 10 in the spring. That’s a pretty good pay-off!

The weather turned wet (much needed) and cold last night, so I won’t be out in the yard today. What are the final garden chores you are getting done?

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