Straw Bales Heating Up

I’m not sure if the warmer temperatures yesterday were the main factor or if decomposition is afoot, but my straw bales are starting to heat up. Yesterday, I detected definite heat from the bales and one of the bales registered nearly 100 degrees F on the old meat thermometer I am using to check the temps. That was a good 30 degrees higher than the air temperature.

According to the straw-bale gardening instructions, it should be time to plant. It’s been more than 12 days since I started. However, I’m going to hold off a few more days. I think the bales are still conditioning. It’s also going to be chilly here for several days.  More updates later!

2 thoughts on “Straw Bales Heating Up

  1. My straw bales stopped heating up when I used the balanced fertilizer 10-10-10. Do you know the reason for that?

  2. What’s the air temperature? The bales will cool down if the weather turns colder and they are not covered with a plastic tarp. Also, it could mean the conditioning period for the bales is complete and you can plant them. Dig a small hole in the bale and see if it’s looking decomposed. It may be ready to go.

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