Winter Weirdness

Salvia in January

I’m not sure which is more disconcerting–that I spent 15 minutes outside today wearing only a cardigan and was comfortable doing it, or that I found an unusual number of signs of life in the garden. Just a reminder: It’s Minnesota and it’s January.

Yet, today when I pulled aside some leaves I found this Salvia sending up several new shoots. In the backyard, the Clara Curtis daisies I ripped out in October had sent up new leaves — green ones. And, in the vegetable bed, a few sprigs of parsley were growing. Now all of these plants are decidedly in the hardy category. I have found parsley under snow in spring before, but still, there are far more green things in my yard than is usual for January (when things are usually covered in snow).

We’ll see what the rest of winter holds. But, so far, it’s just weird.

10 thoughts on “Winter Weirdness

  1. I’m afraid that my spring fever will be unbearable this year. . . I think it’s starting already! Could be a long March at this point! šŸ™‚

  2. Went out in a t-shirt today and wasn’t uncomfortable! I’m in northern michigan and can see most of the grass in my yard. I don’t dare look under the leaves i cover my plants with for fear of seeing new growth! What will this warm winter do the our flower gardens?

  3. Laura — I’m a bit worried about the gardens. A Master Gardener told me today that she has iris popping up in some of her beds (well covered by mulch, but still). Also seeing bulging buds on the shrubs. We go back into the deep freeze tomorrow, but it was 53 today.

  4. Yikes! So fresh buds appear and then get zapped by freeze and then in spring no new buds?! Good thing my “flower obsession” has led me to buy 20 azaleas, 3 kousa dogwood trees – 3 ft seedlings, 4 english ivy vines, 3 john clayton honeysuckle vines, and 4 sweet autumn clematis all THIS WEEK from ebay! LOL! These will all be safely indoors until it’s safe in the spring. šŸ™‚

  5. Yep, here in Ohio, too. Daffodils, daylilies, bearded iris and other assorted flowers are all sending up their leaf shoots. We’re due to have warm weather (for us) for the next few days, then another freezing spell.
    Am I wrong to dread the possibility of being caught in a blizzard here in February?

  6. We’re supposed to go below zero tonight, which is more normal for MN in January, but we have barely any snow cover. I’m concerned about the plants!

  7. I’m winter sowing over 100 milk jugs this year so if i do lose existing buds i’ll have more than enough blooms anyway. This winter sowing thing is AWESOME!! LOL

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