Another Plant that Refuses to Stop Growing

Sweet potato vine makes an encore.

I wrote earlier this week about the weirdly warm winter we are having and its effect on a few perennials in my yard. But I have another plant that just won’t stop in the house.

Last summer, I planted sweet potato vines in a couple of pots with the houseplant Mother in Law’s tongue (Sansevieria trifasciata) and some petunias. It was a pretty container and, when the annuals faded in fall, I decided to bring the mother-in-law’s tongue (I think it’s also called snake plant) in for the winter. I pulled out all the annuals, cleaned the plants and pots off, and put two matching containers of mother-in-law’s tongue flanking our fireplace.

A few weeks passed, and as I was getting ready to put up the Christmas tree, I noticed something growing in one of the pots — and it’s not a pointy, desert plant. A piece of the sweet potato vine was growing! Now that the holidays are past, the plant has really taken off. I’ve watered it a bit, and it gets very little direct sunlight (sweet potato vines are said to need 6 to 8 hours of sun) but it keeps on growing.

I’ve written before about the persistence of plants. Their drive to survive, to live, to flower, to set seed, to grow, grow, grow, always amazes and humbles me. So, I won’t be pulling the sweet potato vine from its pot. Let it grow, and we’ll see how far it gets.


1 thought on “Another Plant that Refuses to Stop Growing

  1. The golden-green version of the sweet potato vine is one of my favorite plants for containers. The color sets off almost anything it’s planted with. I’m a sucker for petunias of potent color, and the sweet potato vine loves their company.

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