Best Container Plant for 2011

Supertunia 'Bordeaux' with sweet potato vine and mixed pansies

There’s no prize with this award, just my unending admiration for a plant that bloomed, bloomed, and bloomed again throughout the cool, hot, humid, slow-to-start, slow-to-end summer of 2011. And the winner is: Supertunia® Bordeaux petunia.

I bought several of these from Eco Gardens in Northfield back in May for my front porch pots, and almost from the moment they were planted until I took them out of the pots on Saturday, they performed beautifully. They grew but did not get leggy, and their blooms were lovely both from the street and up-close. They looked especially nice with two kinds of sweet potato vine: ‘Marguerite’ and ‘Blackie’. The lime green and deep burgundy contrasted beautifully with the violet to deep-purple blooms of Bordeaux.

I’ll be buying Bordeaux again next season. What plant was the star of your containers this year?

4 thoughts on “Best Container Plant for 2011

  1. Delighted with this recommendation! And even more excited to find your blog about gardening in the North. We’ll be moving to northern Wisconsin in a couple of years, and I’m studying all I can about growing edibles up there. Our place up there is on the border between Zones 4 and 3, so it’ll be a challenge. Thanks for writing this blog, Mary! I’m looking forward to following your posts!

  2. Donna: Welcome to what my daughters call “the northern tundra!” There are many active gardeners and garden clubs here. You may want to connect with a local club when you move north.

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