A Favorite Plant: Martagon Lilies

I was introduced to Martagons only in the past couple of years, but have really become  a fan of these unusual lilies. It helps that they like dappled shade, of which I have an abundance, and that they are rock-solid hardy in Minnesota. It helps that bees and hummingbirds love them and frequent the blooms in my garden. It helps that Martagons are generally hybridized by enthusiasts, so that each plant seems to be a work of passion rather than a marketing gesture. And, lastly, it helps that the flowers are upside-down.

What’s not to love about a plant with upside-down blooms?


2 thoughts on “A Favorite Plant: Martagon Lilies

  1. I planted some martagons this fall after reading the great article in the Northern Gardener magazine (thanks!). When do yours usually bloom? Mine look pretty small, the tallest is maybe about 12″ at this point. Is that usual for the first year?

  2. Mine just opened up this week. I visited a Martagon garden last night (the garden of the author of the article you mentioned) and his were about half open. They do start slow, and the bloom gets better each year, so I do not think it’s unusual that they are small.

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