Sunflower at Sunset

I’m kicking myself for having lost the seed packet for these sunflowers growing in the meadow behind my house. I believe they are Helianthus maximiliani Heliopsis helianthoides. Whatever their name, botanical or otherwise, they have brightened up our meadow for several weeks. They’re tall — sometimes over 6 feet — with bunches of these bright yellow blooms on top.

5 thoughts on “Sunflower at Sunset

  1. Peter — I was traveling last week and saw some Helianthus ‘Lemon Queen’ — and I remembered that I bought those seeds at the Landscape Arboretum this past winter. I think that is what it is. There is so much around, it has to be something I planted. (Note to self: Keep better records!)

  2. Peter — I was looking at my seed packets and found the Lemon Queen — I never planted it! I checked images of Heliopsis helianthoides on-line and I think you may have hit on what this is. Thanks!

  3. A friend of mine grows these at the U because they are a good host to a certain aphid that his team is studying. As for me, I’d rather have them without the aphids.

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