Do You Say, Pee-O-Nay?

I have always said Pee-a-nee, but I’m surprised how many gardeners I know who say, Pee-O-Nay (accent on the O). And, even though my Iowa husband often accuses me of speaking with what he calls “the Roseville O” (for non-Minnesotans, it’s a long O that you’ve probably heard Garrison Keillor use when he is in full-Lake Wobegon mode), I cannot stretch out the O on peony without feeling odd.

So, do you say pee-O-nay? And, are your whatever-you-call-thems blooming now?

1 thought on “Do You Say, Pee-O-Nay?

  1. Oh, definitely pee-a-nee over in Michigan. Mine are finishing up, but even the dried heads shriveled in the vase are a vibrant purple pom-pom.

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