An Early Spring?

img_4648Last week’s warm weather seems to have jump started some plants. On Saturday, I noticed that the first of the Scilla siberica, a.k.a., squill in my front yard had emerged. This one not only has a few leaves, but  tiny buds. For reference, I posted on this same topic last spring — on April 4 — a full two weeks later than I noticed the squill this year. After our frigid, now-this-is-a-real-Minnesota-winter winter, an early spring might be nice. The weather forecast for the next week or so: 30s, cloudy, windy and a few snow flurries. Ah, well.

1 thought on “An Early Spring?

  1. Same here – last spring I took a photo of the first bunch of snowdrops on April 4, and this year I did so on March 24. That being said, this year’s are not as far along yet as last year’s were on that date, and the cold temps this week have slowed them, I’m sure. Still it seems likely they are a few days ahead of last year.

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