Another Lousy Day in Paradise

I’m traveling home today from southwest Florida, where it is — as my father is fond of saying — another lousy day in paradise. I am leaving Naples to head back to Minnesota where the weather has been rainy, windy, and really lousy during the few days I’ve been visiting my folks. The weather here has been fabulous, with temps in the 80s, sunshine and a light breeze.

palm tree in naples, florida
We’re not in Minnesota anymore.

For a northern gardener, an escape to the south is a chance to be reassured that yes, someday, it will be green again. It’s also a great opportunity to check out some different plants. One day, my mother and I visited a large nursery where they were selling palm trees, bougainvillea, and the succulent euphorbia, which she grows. She bought another plant and we both admired the huge pots that were available.

On  a walk around their neighborhood, I spied oranges–nearly ripe–growing on a tree in someone’s front yard and passed the grapefruit tree that one of their friends grows. The hibiscus in the photo grows near the parking lot of their condo. But now, it’s back to Minnesota, reality, and gazing at seed catalogs for my green fix.

2 thoughts on “Another Lousy Day in Paradise

  1. Not Olde Naples, but definitely not the newest either. It’s a nice neighborhood north of the main part of the city. If you haven’t visited it, check out the Naples Botanic Garden — a great place for lovers of tropical flowers. Also, check out Lover’s Key State Park — great kayaking, biking, beach walking, sunbathing…it’s about 10 miles north of Naples on (or near) Estero Island. Two of my favorite spots around Naples.

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