September Slump?

“Why is it so much easier to weed in June compared to September?” asked my friend Julie, who gardens in St. Paul. I hadn’t thought about it, but I also haven’t weeded that much lately. And, now that you mention it, the raspberries I picked yesterday were going soft because I had not been out there as often as I should be to pick. And it’s true that while my flower beds do look pretty good this week that has more to do with recent rains than gardening effort. And, last night when given the option of gardening or taking a bike ride, I hit the road. Carol of May Dreams Garden in Indiana describes the September Slump as “someone oughta” syndrome, as in someone oughta do some work out here.

Anyone else suffering from the September Slump?

2 thoughts on “September Slump?

  1. yes, I totally agree. I was just out in my garden today, because I had to plant some baby delphinium plants that my father had given me, but I really have had no desire to work in it for several weeks, and it’s looking pretty messy. Luckily the brilliant fall flowers like zinnias and asters keep you from looking at the mess.

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