Memory Garden in Bloom

'Toronto' lily

Our long-time family dog, Lily, died this past winter, and we decided to plant a small area of our front garden in her memory. Of course, it features lilies, and they look very pretty now and remind me often of Lily and her antics.

I wrote about memory gardens in my St. Cloud Times column this week. I don’t think there are “rules” for memory gardens—these are the most personal of all garden spaces and they can be created to recall whatever important events, people (or pets!) you want to remember. I’ve heard of people planting trees  to commemorate a child’s birth or a wedding—great idea! Taking a cutting or moving a loved one’s plant to your garden is also a way to keep memories alive. Because of the seasonal nature of gardens, you can plan to have your memory garden shine at a special time of year.

What memories does your garden hold?