Bloom Explosion

The nights have been warmer lately — in the 50s — and that plus plenty of rain has led to a burst of blooming in my yard. The cherry tree is past peak, but the apple blossoms are fluffy and the sweet woodruff planted around our ash tree as a groundcover is blooming and growing. I may need to pull some of this down the road; it really likes this spot.

The lilacs are opening up and the red twig dogwood are just about to bloom. In front, the tulips have faded, so things look a bit messy, but the blooms of the ‘Purple Sensation’ allium are enough to distract viewers from the mass of greenery below. (I hope!) Here are a few blooms I photographed this morning.

Sweet woodruff and lamium 'White Nancy' filling in nicely around our ash tree.
Red twig dogwood flowers about to open.










Blossoms on Haralson apple tree.
Lots of faded tulip foliage, but the allium looks good.


What’s Blooming?

The sun is high enough in the sky so that even with the cool temperatures, plants are starting to bloom. It’s an exciting time of the year. Here are a few things blooming in my yard today. Except for the tulips, these are all larger photo files.

Some tulips are fading, but the later tulips are at peak bloom
Allium 'Purple Sensation' goes from this tight ball to a star-burst flower.
'Bali' cherry blossoms -- the first fruit to flower in my yard.
Wild strawberry -- a great plant for rocky areas.