Is This a Normal March?

There are bulbs in there somewhere.

A year ago today, I posted a photo of my first bloom on 2012 — a pretty little Iris reticulata. The photo at left is what that space in the garden looks like today. It’s covered in about 6 inches of snow, with another few inches expected today and next week.

I don’t expect to see any blooms this year until mid-April, if then, given our colder than average March. I can’t hate the snow too much, though, because it will likely help with the drought we’re experiencing. Also, the longer it stays cold, the less likely we’ll have a repeat of last year’s March madness with fruit trees, including my poor cherry tree, blooming too early and then suffer frost in April.

Is this a normal March? It certainly feels closer to “normal” than some we have had in the past. But, these days, it’s not clear what normal is.



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