My Raspberry Picking Apparatus

Raspberry picker
Ready to pick with my box necklace, plus hat and dark glasses for sun protection.

It’s that time of year! The fall-bearing raspberries in our backyard are getting ripe and soon I will be picking everyday. Picking can get tedious, but a tip I learned from one of my fellow University of Minnesota Extension Master Gardeners in Rice County may make this year’s picking much easier.

I am sure this is not a new idea as the gardener told me it’s what her mother did (and probably her grandmother and great-grandmother, too) but it’s a new idea to me and will make picking much more convenient.

The master gardener recommended getting an old coffee can and poking holes in two sides of it. Then, run a string or ribbon through the holes to create a coffee-can necklace. With this apparatus, the picker has both hands free and a nearby place to put the berries.

I didn’t have a coffee can at home, but I did have this hard-sided box in the basement. I cleaned it out, drilled holes in each side, and ran a thick string through them. Viola! I’m ready to pick.

What’s your favorite piece of equipment for harvesting fruits and vegetables?

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