A Wonderful Year for Hydrangea

Limelight hydrangea bloom
The hydrangea tree is loaded with blooms like this.

Is it the deluge we experienced in June? Or the mix of hot weather and heavy rain? Whatever the reason, 2012 has been a great year for hydrangea. This is the Limelight hydrangea on a stick that is in my front yard, covered with huge, beautiful blooms. The Annabelle hydrangeas in the back and my relatively new BellaAnna hydrangea is also looking good. I am growing a not-yet-introduced hydrangea as part of a plant-trialing program for a wholesale grower and that plant also seems very happy, though it has not bloomed yet.

How do your hydrangea look this year?

3 thoughts on “A Wonderful Year for Hydrangea

  1. My Limelight, Pinky Winky, Annabelle and Quick Fire hydrangeas are all doing exceptionally well. I wish I could say the same for my three Endless Summer hydrangeas; only four blooms total.

  2. Endless Summer are so tricky. My mom (who has super acidic soil) has had really good luck with them in the past, but not this year. I’m not sure why, but she’s had almost no blooms, too.

  3. My Endless Summer plant (I think that’s what it is) had blooms this spring, but nothing since. The plant is growing well, but no flowers.

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