Poor Luck for Peonies

Calm amid the storms.

It never fails — the day after my peonies start blooming, there is a downpour accompanied by heavy winds, then maybe more wind or cold or heat. My peonies started blooming last week and on Sunday night we had a wild storm — not a huge amount of rain, but it was accompanied by lots of rough wind. (This on top of several earlier storms during the week.)

Peonies have the worst luck with weather — but they keep on blooming and they always survive; many peonies will last 100 years. So despite the storms of spring, remember that every peony you plant will likely out-live you.

1 thought on “Poor Luck for Peonies

  1. Double flowered peonies will react worse to rain and wind than single flowered peonies. Also the Itoh hybrid peonies like Bartzella have a more robust stem and are more weather resistant than the standard lactiflora types.

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