Renegade Gardener and No-Lawn Lady in Northfield

Northfield gardeners will get a chance to hear two wildly original garden designers in the next few days. At tomorrow’s Home and Garden Business Showcase, Don Engebretson, a.k.a the Renegade Gardener and a design columnist for Northern Gardener, will speak three times on a variety of topics. He’ll be talking about common garden myths, cool plants and design for homeowners. (Click on the poster for more information on time and topic.) The show runs from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. at the Northfield Arena.

On Tuesday, Evelyn Hadden, a Minnesota gardener whose love of no-lawn landscape has led to a website, a book and lots of speaking engagements, will be giving homeowners tips for getting rid of the grass. Her presentation is at the Northfield Public Library, beginning at 7 p.m., and is sponsored by the Friends and Foundation of the Northfield Public Library. Whether you want to just add more garden or banish grass entirely, Evelyn will have great ideas and examples to consider.

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