Winter Garden Decor — The Fun Variety

Mannequins in corner garden, dressed for winter. They look like they are waiting for the bus.

I was driving back from taking photos of some winter containers for an upcoming article, when I noticed these garden denizens along West 46th Street in south Minneapolis. What a cute idea — though the gardeners may have been overdressed for yesterday’s sunny February afternoon. Today, they are just right as the wind has picked up and temps have dropped.

Judging from the plants left standing, this looks like it would be a beautiful garden at all seasons of the year. What are your favorite garden decor ideas for winter?

3 thoughts on “Winter Garden Decor — The Fun Variety

  1. I recognize that house-they’ve had those figures in their garden for years, and the clothes change with the seasons. And yes, it is a lovely garden all year long.

  2. Hi Mary,

    I’m a “new” gardener. My husband and I live in Saint Michael and have .3 acre yard that’s sloping, clay soil and full of awful grass and some crazy weed type grass that grows in foot or bigger circles. The good news is that the slope is south facing. We are working on minimizing the grass by slowly (we’re talking years) adding more and more garden and having less and less grass. I’m so excited to find your blog and I’ve reserved many of the books you’ve reviewed at the library.

    Thank you in advance for all the improvements our little yard may have! 🙂


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