November Blooms

'Bee's Jubilee'

November can be a pretty month in the North, especially if you like the subdued beauty of shape and muted color that marks our usual landscape. But pink flowers? Not usually.


Still this weekend while cleaning up the garden, I came across two very unexpected blooms. To my surprise, they were still out there this morning, after our first dusting of snow fell overnight. On the pergola out back, the ‘Bee’s Jubilee’ clematis put out a couple of last blooms in the dim sun. Then, to my surprise, I found this pot of Superbena ‘Coral Red’, an annual verbena that came as part of the Proven Winners trial plants. It did not do well early in the summer, which I attributed to a soil mix that never seemed to dry out. (My fault, not PW’s.) But with the dry weather this fall, it decided to bloom.

What a cheerful surprise!


1 thought on “November Blooms

  1. It always tickles me to see garden blooms at this time of year. A rose bush in our front yard is still speckled with new blooms even after our third hard frost. I wish I’d saved the info on the bush because it’s been a terrific performer.

    It obviously loves that spot in the yard and has grown well past the 4 ft. by 4 ft. span predicted. For its first three years, we wrapped it carefully with burlap to protect it from the winter winds. I’m not sure we needed to do that much beyond its first year, but we were so anxious to keep it safe that we took the extra precaution.

    A neighbor who’s front yard gets lots of afternoon sun still has Shasta daisies, hardy mums and what look like black eyed susans flowering.

    Fall is my favorite time of year because it shows you how to appreciate things that you miss when all is overstuffed with beautiful sights and scents.

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