A Good Weekend for Canning

The Finished Product!

When I woke up Saturday morning, the ponds and backyard were under a cloak of fog. It seemed like a good day to do some canning. By the time I got into the kitchen that afternoon, the sun was out and it would have been a good day for gardening, but canning it was!

Once you fire up the canner, it make sense to make more than one thing, so I made three different items.

I used some leftover raspberry juice (buttressed with cherry juice from the co-op to get enough liquid) to make a raspberry-cherry jelly using my basic raspberry jelly recipe. I really like the dark color imparted by the cherry juice and it has a little less bite than pure raspberry jelly.

Earlier in the day I had purchased 10 gorgeous red peppers from Spring Wind Farm at the Riverwalk Market Fair. With some apples and hot peppers, I made a batch of red pepper relish. I got a little lazy and did not clean the seeds out of the hot peppers, so this batch has more heat that usual, but is really tasty.

Finally, I tried a recipe I found on youtube for a lemon marmalade. I like marmalade — much more than jelly, which I usually give away — so was intrigued by a recipe that uses all the leftover rinds from the lemons to make a marmalade. Because the lemons lack pectin and because I had some nice organic apples on hand, I added an apple to the boiling liquid that is the base of the marmalade. The apple skins imparted a pinkish color to the marmalade, which thickened up nicely. One note about this recipe, which the video does not make clear: You have to boil the sugar/water/lemon mixture a long time — more than an hour in my case — to get it to thicken up properly.

What have you been canning lately?


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