Metal in Garden Art (and a Coupon)

I’ve been a fan of Jennifer Wolcott’s metal garden art since she designed the Book Heads Dancing located near the main entry of the Northfield Public Library back in 2008. I love the whimsy of her sculptures and the way the natural, hard metal contrasts with the flowing shapes. Her garden balls made of straps of metal always make me smile and they look wonderful in a perennial bed.

Last winter, I talked with Jennifer about designing a stand-alone trellis for a climbing rose. I did not want to have to attach the trellis to my house. And, of course, my request was for something “tasteful, not too expensive.” She liked the idea and designed several of these tall, triangular shaped trellis/obelisk garden pieces. I got first pick and have one placed right near the corner of my front yard bed. The rose and some stray morning glories are covering it now. (That’s a detail of it at right.)

But now the big offer! This weekend is Defeat of Jesse James Days in my hometown, Northfield, Minn. It’s gorgeous weather, so drive down and check out the art fair near the river downtown. It runs from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. today and tomorrow. Jennifer will be displaying her garden orbs, trellises and other sculptures there. Print out the coupon with this post (click on the image to make it big and printable) and you’ll get 10 percent off any purchases.

2 thoughts on “Metal in Garden Art (and a Coupon)

  1. My grandparents were huge fans of metal yard art. They had so many of them in the shapes of penguins, chickens, and flamingo’s. I like the idea for the climbing rose. It inspires me to go out and buy one for my grandparents!

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