New Northern Gardener Available

With the 4th of July, some family events, a short vacation and a few other distractions, I have not yet talked about the July/August issue of Northern Gardener, which is currently on newsstands. Better late than never, because it’s a great issue. Our cover story is Terry Yockey’s portrait of Donald Mitchell, a Red Wing gardener who is an expert in hummingbirds. His garden is designed to be a hummingbird haven, and Terry explains how you can attract these fascinating birds to your yard too. Stan Tekiela, noted nature author and photographer, provided the wonderful image for the cover.

Rhonda Fleming Hayes debuts as a writer for Northern Gardener with two articles. The first takes a photographer’s look at gardening with advice on how to design your garden to take advantage of views from the inside of the house. For northern gardeners, who spend about half the year cooped up, this is a must-read. Her other article describes how to grow and use fennel.

Other features cover rain barrels, environmentally conscious lakeshore landscaping, and a fascinating column from Don Engebretson on the “Rule of Three” in gardening. Check it out.


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