2.5 Inches — and Counting??

We got a real soaking rain Friday—2.5 inches in my very unofficial rain guage— accompanied by thunder and lightning. The plants are already just on the brink of water-sogged, so I’m hoping that the 30 percent chance of precipitation predicted for today passes us by.

Why is the photo above shrouded in fog? It’s so humid out, my camera fogged up when I brought it outside.

2 thoughts on “2.5 Inches — and Counting??

  1. Seems like the rain lately is always either not needed where it is falling or not falling where it’s needed. We’re a little dry here, too, but I know what it’s like to have too much rain also. Last year was a prime example of being waterlogged and that’s no fun either. I can still remember my tomato plants standing in six inches of water, not a pretty sight. The perfect mix of rain and sun is so hard to come by!

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