Planting Peas with the Peepers

This morning while walking the dog around the ponds near our house, I heard a chorus of squeaks and peeps. The spring peepers are finally singing. This is late for them, but within the range of when peepers herald spring.  Phenology — the study of nature signs — recommends that peas be planted when the spring peepers start singing. I planted mine yesterday. How about you? What have you planted? Do you use nature signs to determine when to put in your garden?

1 thought on “Planting Peas with the Peepers

  1. Still working on cleaning out gardens and haven’t planted a thing. Have many new annuals waiting to be planted in containers. Not buying too many new perennials this year but looking for Honeycrisp and Chestnut crab apple trees to replace ones destroyed by bunnies this winter. Sad loss after having them for about seven years now. Also busy getting swimming pool filled up and running.

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