Those Rascally Rabbits…

You can tell how high the snow was in my backyard this winter by the height of the dogwood and hyrdrangea bushes that the rabbits chomped on. These branches are about 30 inches high, and considerably lower than they should be! You can tell it is a rabbit — rather than a deer –that did this because of the clean cut. Deer leave a more ragged cut.

At the library program on new plants for 2011 a couple of weeks ago, John Daniels of Bachman’s showed an amazing photo of rabbit damage from this winter. I don’t have a copy, but basically the bunnies de-barked most of a tree trunk, effectively killing the tree. My dogwoods and hydrangea should recover, and our little dog, Lola, will be hanging out in the garden with me a lot this summer. We’re hoping she will deter at least a few rabbits.

4 thoughts on “Those Rascally Rabbits…

  1. Sorry to see the rabbit damage. Rabbits did a number on my grape vines this winter, and killed my blueberries last summer.

    My neighbor has an outdoor cat that keeps the rabbits at bay but I’m not fond enough of cats to go that route. A dog is much more likely, especially once my kids are old enough to walk it by themselves.

  2. There was a rabbit actually lounging in our backyard today — lying down partly on its side with its forepaws out in front, like a cat. At first I worried that it was dead, but we looked through the binoculars and it was clearly just hanging out and looking around.

  3. Micheal — We have a neighbor’s cat who occasionally takes out a critter, but he also takes out a lot of birds.

    Penny — That’s funny. We have seen some enormous rabbits this year — just huge — but usually not relaxing. Glad you like the header!

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