Garden Time Management

The truly unpleasant weather we’ve experienced the past few weeks — snow flurries on May 2 with constant winds above 15 mph, no thank you! — has put me a little behind in my garden chores. I’ve been nurturing along my seedlings indoors, some of which would prefer to be in the ground now, and on Sunday, I spent a couple of hours working on my new compost bin, but otherwise, trips into the garden have been short, perfunctory and not that enjoyable.

The weather dudes are predicted an extended streak of temps in the 60s for the rest of the week. Rain, of course, is also predicted, but I can work around that. So, the question becomes, what are the priorities?

I often refer to Melinda Myers’ Month-by-Month Gardening in Minnesota when I’m in a what-to-do frenzy, and more recently, I’ve been checking out Margaret Roach’s Away to Garden blog for her lists. She’s a couple of zones ahead of us, so I consulted her April list for things to do in May. It’s not a perfect match, but she has lots of ideas, so you can pick and choose.

What are my priorities for the week and weekend ahead?

  • Get out my lettuce starts and seed other cool-season vegetables;
  • Set up my new compost bin;
  • Haul branches to the compost pile in Northfield and pick up a load of compost to spread on the gardens;
  • Edge three of the flower beds where grass tends to invade;
  • Prune or cut back perennials that need it and apply a little fertilizer to them.

What will you be doing now that the weather is improving?

1 thought on “Garden Time Management

  1. Fortunately no snow here. Just a lot of rain last week. The grass is green and trees are leafing out. I put my own lettuce and broccoli seedlings out, cleaned up raspberries and pasture rose weeds near the Cottage Ornee, dug a new bed for perennials I expect to plant, planted 4 new roses. 2 more roses to go. Rain again today, but I am going to visit a nursery and pick out annuals that we’ll be selling at the Bridge of Flowers Plant Sale. I’m also expecting a delivery of small trees to be planted in our new windbreak.

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