Arbor Day Tree Giveaway

Today is Arbor Day, the 139-year-old celebration of tree planting in America. All around the state, groups will be giving away trees. I’ll be at Just Food Co-op this afternoon (3:30-6 p.m., or whenever we run out of trees) with other Rice County Master Gardeners, giving away trees and offering information on how and where to plant them.

We have a great selection of evergreen and deciduous trees courtesy of the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources. Stop by and pick up a tree!

3 thoughts on “Arbor Day Tree Giveaway

  1. Hi,
    Tim and I picked up a few trees at Just Food on Arbor Day and we are not sure about one of the trees, the variety it is. It said on the paper that it was a Bittersweet Hickory. Is that correct or did we misunderstand the name of it? We were trying to find more information about the trees we received and we couldn’t seem to find any information about that type of Hickory. Do you have any information about the Hickory Trees that were given away or who I may speak to about it?

    Thanks for your time. We would appreciate any information that you can give us.

    Jeanne and Tim Duke

  2. Jeanne — thanks for commenting. It did say Bittersweet hickory on the page, but my handy, DNR tree book lists only the Bitternut Hickory and I think that must be what we were handing out. Bitternut hickory is a medium large, somewhat shade tolerant tree that is native to southeastern Minnesota. The nuts are too bitter to eat and people used the nuts for oil at one time. It’s the best wood for smoking meats, though. If I find out more about it, I’ll let you know. Mary

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