I Needed a Plant Fix…

so I headed down to Donahue’s in Faribault to check out the new annuals for an article I’m writing.  In the world of clematis, Donahue’s is one of the top wholesale nurseries, but from mid-April through June, they have a lush and lovely retail store.

I came to photograph some of the new annuals, but got caught up looking at the container arrangements on display. My photos really do not do them justice, but they show some of the colors and combinations that will be everywhere this year.

Yellow is my favorite color, so this arrangement with a Nemesia called Sunstatia® Lemon, Sun Spun yellow petunia (a really pretty creamy yellow color) and the new Phantom petunia, which is black and yellow, caught my eye. It’s such a cheerful arrangement for the gloomy days we’ve been experiencing lately.

For a more sophisticated look, this combination of Charmed® Wine oxalis, Super Elfin ‘Lipstick’ impatiens, and Diamond Frost® euphorbia is a stunner. The earthy container adds a lot to this shade combination.

If you want to try one of the new coral-toned plants, this bright combination of ‘Papaya’ petunia and Juicy Fruits® Papaya nemesia would be easy to put together at home. For some reason, this combination says “Party!” to me.

This are just a few of the pots you can see at Donahue’s, and if you would like to make your own, this weekend is a good chance. Donahue’s is holding its “Potting Days,” today and tomorrow (Saturday) from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. Bring in your favorite pot, pick out the plants you like, and the staff will help you pot it up. The potting soil is free as is the assistance from Donahue’s staff. The store will be closed Easter Sunday.


Just a side note: I don’t get paid by Donahue’s to write blog posts — I just like their stuff.




4 thoughts on “I Needed a Plant Fix…

  1. You’re right — it was hard not to buy something! I love the colors of some of this year’s annuals.

  2. The color combinations are so beautiful. I have never seen or heard of the Phantom petunia or the nemesia before. I hope these plants become available in seed form in the years to come. Lovely!

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