Bud Break

The trees and shrubs are trying — really trying — to open up and welcome spring. We can hope that yesterday’s snow was the last of this long, long winter.

From left to right above are: Red twig dogwood leaves about to unfurl, a catkin on a willow, and buds of a ‘Bali’ cherry tree. The dogwood and cherry are in my yard, but the willow is on the bank of a stream near our house. Willows are part of the genus Salix, which includes about 400 species. I don’t know which this is, but like most willows, it grows well in moist soil.

What buds are about to break open in your garden?



4 thoughts on “Bud Break

  1. I’m glad to see you have some buds ready to break, it gives me hope that someday we’ll see the same sight here. The snow is stubbornly sitting right where Mother Nature deposited it and all we can do is wait!

  2. It has been so cold and showery here that I have to really look to see any buds, but the lilac leaf buds are getting fatter and greener. I just bought a Pagoda Dogwood for our proposed windbreak and I hope next year I will see some flower buds at this time of the year.

  3. Maple trees, lilacs, dappled willows and magnolias all have swelling buds. Happy to see the buds starting to expand on my “Ann” magnolia. Can’t wait to see those pink flowers. Star magnolia full of fat buds also. Forsythia almost ready to flower too. Spring is coiming slowly but surely!

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