Pansy Survivor

Pansy survives Minnesota winter!

With the good snow coverage we had this past winter, I’m hoping for a high survival rate among any of the “iffy” perennials and shrubs in my garden. A lot of northern gardeners like to push the zone by planting things that aren’t reliably hardy here. I have just a couple of those plants, including a butterfly bush I am hoping made it through the winter.

I did not expect a pansy to survive, however. So, I was surprised to see this one growing in my front bed. It even has a flower! I started lots of pansies from seed this winter, and the plants look ready to move out from under the lights. (Also I need room there for my tomatoes, which I just seeded.) So I plan to plant them out in the next week or so. If this guy can make it, so can they.

5 thoughts on “Pansy Survivor

  1. Pretty little pansy! They are tough and can stand a freeze. I have volunteers from the violas from last year. They easily survive our winters but our hot and humid summers do them in.

  2. You’ll have to let us know how the butterfly bush does! I am living in Southern WI, (zone 5a). but will be moving my garden to Buffalo, MN (zone 4a) in just a month and half. I plan on bringing one of my butterfly bushes, but I’m worried to leave it in the ground over winter.
    Pretty pansy!

  3. Welcome to Minnesota, Jamie! You’ll probably want to pick a more sheltered spot for the butterfly bush. Let me know if you continue your blog, I will add it to my northern gardens blogroll.

  4. I plan on trying one butterfly bush in a sheltered site, for sure. Now, I just have to decide which one to take, and which to leave. 🙂

    I plan on keeping the blog as a chronicle of this move, and beyond. We’re a military family, so I’m sure we’ll have more moves and adventures down the way. I’ve had the blog for a long time, and I really enjoy sharing my pictures and stories.

    I was excited to find your blog because it seems you may be in the same area as we’re headed. So much to see and learn about Minnnesota gardening. Excited!


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