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It’s nearly the end of March, and I’ve been so busy with seed starting, work, visits from college daughters, and attending a variety of excellent shows in St. Paul, Minneapolis and Northfield that I haven’t put up a link to the March/April issue of Northern Gardener yet. So, here goes.

This issue’s cover story is about hardy hibiscus, written and photographed by Donna Krischan. I’ve never grown hibiscus and mostly associate them with trips to Florida where the hibiscus trees are huge. However, Donna grows both the herbaceous and the tree hibiscus (also called Rose of Sharon) in her Wisconsin garden. In addition to that story, the issue includes a fabulous story on night gardening — growing plants that look and smell delicious at night. Veteran garden writer Susan Davis Price offers a couple of dozen plant suggestions for night gardens. (Several of her suggestions are in my seed-starting trays now.) There’s also the annual Master Gardener trial results, a profile of two neighboring gardeners in Kenwood, and advice on growing root vegetables. Check it out.

2 thoughts on “New Northern Gardener Available

  1. Susan, great article “Night Lights” in the current NG, a topic/design element most gardeners never think about, you list no shrubs, and there’s a beauty: Tsuga canadensis ‘Moon Frost’ (dwarf globe hemlock). It’s a dwarf, slow growth to 3′ x 3′, needles are predominantly WHITE and in moonlight gives the appearance of hoar frost. A stunner.

    Also T. canadensis ‘Summer Snow,’ mature to 20′ T x 14′ W, spring to early summer new growth is white, same deal.

    I enjoy your writing, Don E.

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