We Have Seedlings!

lupine seedling
They're HEE-RE!

What’s more exciting than seeing the first seeds sprout for a new garden year? Yesterday, I noticed that the lupine (‘Russell Blend’) seeds I planted a few weeks ago are now sprouting. These required a cold treatment in the garage for a couple of weeks. They have been under the lights in my basement for about a week. Some seeds for pansies (‘Swiss Giant Blend’ and ‘Got the Blues’) have also sprouted. Woo-hoo!


5 thoughts on “We Have Seedlings!

  1. I’ve been wanting to start lupines; did you put the actual seed flat in fridge or just seeds? I’ve heard of it done both ways and wondered how you did it?

  2. I put the seeds in their pots and then put them out in the garage for about two weeks. They sprouted much sooner than I expected. I’ve also used winter sowing for lupines successfully, but read somewhere that doing it this way will produce blooms in the first year. I’m not sure about that, but am willing to try.

  3. Oh, to see the first seedlings of the season is always such a delight. New growth is always a joy.

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