Hoar Frost on the Garden

Hoar frost on tree hydrangea and 'Bali' cherry tree (rear).

We had our first display of hoar frost today. This is why I leave some flowers and seed heads out for winter interest. When the plants are colder than the dew point and air temperatures are also low, ice crystals form directly from water vapor, leaving feathery tufts of snow on the plants. It’s a lovely way to mark the end of the year.

1 thought on “Hoar Frost on the Garden

  1. I have been so glad we left coneflower seed heads out in front of our living room window for that famous “winter interest” this year. It’s been fun to watch them collect little caps of snow and they are a good way of gauging how deep the snow is as the visible stalks become shorter and shorter. We occasionally see goldfinches landing on them to harvest the seeds.

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