Last Minute Gift for Gardeners

Several of my fellow bloggers — here, here, and here — have been suggesting gifts for gardeners. We are getting down to the last minute for Christmas, so for procrastinators, who are also gardeners, here’s a quick, low-cost and low-impact-on-the-environment gift: A gift bag with seeds (saved or purchased) and some homemade jelly.

I prepared this small gift for my mail carrier (who is also a gardener) but it would be appropriate as a hostess gift or small token of thanks for another service provider. I had some seeds saved from two unique plants, Pete’s marigolds and Yvonne’s giant salvia, and packaged them up in homemade seed packets, using the template available from Fine Gardening magazine’s website. You can decorate the package anyway you like, so I printed out photos from my collection and plant nametags. To round out the gift, I added a jar of homemade raspberry jelly.

Simple, easy, homemade, and it didn’t require a trip to the mall.

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