Garden Recycling

I was going to call this post “Putting the Garden to Bed,” because that fancy climbing apparatus now adorning one of my vegetable beds is a headboard.

This is one of my dad’s clever ideas: Instead of buying a more expensive bed with a headboard, you build a headboard and attach it to the wall behind a mattress and box spring. More than a decade ago, he made two of these — one for each of my daughters. They looked really cute in a bedroom for little girls, but you know what happens to little girls — they grow up. So, the headboards were traded in for a more mature look a few years ago. We gave one away, but the other one had been in our basement.

It’s too nice too just collect dust, so I decided to recycle it in the garden. I attached it to the back of the raised bed with some deck screws, so the total cost of the project was $0. While it is shorter than most trellises, I think it will be attractive and useful. Birds love places to perch during the winter, and I enjoy watching the blue jays, cardinals, red-tail hawks, and other birds that frequent our garden during the fall and winter. Second, I think the headboard will work great for shorter climbing plants, such as this cucumber, or for plants the like the climb and tumble too, such as ‘Spitfire’ nasturtiums, which could grow up one side and down the other. It would also be a convenient place to tie tomato plants.

What’s your favorite example of garden recycling?

3 thoughts on “Garden Recycling

  1. I love this idea! And, it is so pretty in the snow. My sister has an old brass bed behind her antique store full of flowers. I will have to tell her about your flowerbed.

  2. Looks great. It’ll look even better covered. I have a “found” grate garbage picked that I actually mounted to the side of my house for vines to climb. I’ve only had nominal success with vine choice, but I’m ever hopeful.

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