First Frost

Frost covers the petals of Yvonne's Giant Salvia.
Russian sage bloom in frost.

The yard was largely cloaked in white this morning as we received our first frost. I covered some of my showier annuals and the herb bed, which is still doing well. I love the look of frost clinging to blooms and leaves, but know what it means. The gardening season is slowly coming to an end.

2 thoughts on “First Frost

  1. We had frost last night here in WI too. I did not get any lovely pictures though. Yours are wonderful! I have a yard covered in multi-colored blankets this morning trying to protect the annuals, hope it worked as there is nice weather forecast after tonight. Hope yours pulled through as well.


  2. I covered my tender roses and took the herb pot inside the porch Saturday night. But, I’m not sure we really needed to right here in the heart of the city. I didn’t see any frost here.

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