5.5 inches, and counting??!

I’m not sure I completely believe my rain gauge, but when I went out to walk our dog at 7 a.m., it had 5.5 inches of water in it. In other words, it was almost overflowing. Given how hard and how long it rained in Northfield last night, I expected 3 inches or so, but wow! When I checked Weatherunderground, which is usually my go-to source for local weather, it showed between .74 and 1.5 inches in Northfield, depending on the location. Now that seems low.

Anyone else out there with a rain guage? How much rain did you record last night? And, by the way, after a rain-free, but soggy walk, the rain started again about 8 a.m. today.

Update: Checked the rain gauge at 1:30 p.m., and we had another 1.5 inches in it, for a total near 7 inches.

Further update: According to my rain gauge, the total rainfall was about 7.5 inches in a bit over 24 hours.

6 thoughts on “5.5 inches, and counting??!

  1. Hi Mary, I’m glad I saw your post in my reader tonight. I was thinking about you and wondering how much rain you had down there after hearing about the whopping amounts in SE MN. Little Mr Turtle recorded 3 inches here in Nordeast. That seems unreal to me, but I just saw the news, and they said there was between 2 and 3 in the city. Hope we’re done now!

  2. Thanks for your concern — it was quite a deluge, but we are fortunate to live on a hill, so no basement flooding or other problems. Folks were sandbagging downtown, which is right on the Cannon River. The river crested this morning, just a hair below the record level. My heart goes out to those living along the Minnesota and Mississippi rivers.

  3. Hi Mary, I live in Wisconsin, and we received just over 3 inches, ‘this time’…….all summer it has been like this, with staggering amounts of rain; one storm did dump over 7″ on us, too, it may have been more, actually, because our rain gauge ran over!. We’ve gone canoeing on the front lawn three times this summer.

    What a change from the past 3-4 years, when we had no rain for weeks and weeks. And today, the wind is threatening to blow my house off the map! Hope everyone comes through safely.

  4. It’s raining right now, in fact. Normally I would be grumpy about this, but at this time of year, at least it isn’t snowing. And all the yard chores undone. I might be more motivated to clean up if I could find my warm gloves;)

    Christine in Alaska

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