New Northern Gardener Available

The July/August issue of Northern Gardener has been on the newsstands for a couple of weeks now, and I love the cool look of this hosta-themed cover. I passed the issue out to many of my fellow garden bloggers at the Buffa10 meetup recently and they liked it too. The issue includes a profile of a St. Paul gardener who has converted his entire landscape to hostas, as well as informative stories on how to find garden art on the cheap and how to use grasses to enhance your garden.

Interestingly, the story that got the most reaction from the bloggers was about weeds! Several bloggers told me they planned to clip out Tom Krischan’s piece called The Dirty Dozen, which was an identification guide to 12 of the nastiest weeds around. Check it out!

2 thoughts on “New Northern Gardener Available

  1. I thought every single article in this issue was useful. After visiting those Buffalo gardens I have a new interest in garden ornament and you have newly inspired me. And I want you to know I think I have ever single one of the 12 weeds. In fact, the dandelion is the common weed my blog is named for. Thanks for my copy – and for all your advice while in Buffalo.

  2. Thanks for the kind words, Pat! I’ve been thinking about garden ornaments as well, and trying not to think about all the weeds in my garden.

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