Cherry Harvest Complete

With help from my daughter and her friend, Kate, I finished picking the cherries from the ‘Bali’ cherry tree in our front yard. True to its reputation, this little tree produced buckets of cherries. This year is the fourth year we have had the tree and the second year of harvesting any of the fruit. We pulled 32 cups of cherries from the tree, more than double the harvest of last year. We left about 6 cups of not-quite-ripe cherries on the tree, which will go to the birds most likely.

The cherries are gorgeous, bright red jewels when completely ripe with a sweet-tart flavor that will be delicious in pies and cobblers. It’s important to process the cherries quickly, so most of them were pitted, sprinkled with sugar, packed in quart bags, and put in the freezer this afternoon.

When the heat breaks, I’m making a pie!

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