Blown into the Garden

Blown out of his home and into the vegetable garden.

This little guy — I think it is a brown thrasher baby — was jumping around my garden this afternoon, clearly having unintentionally fallen from the nest. It’s been very windy today and I think this nest is in one of my burning bush shrubs — thrashers like to nest in a dense shrub. I first encountered him in the perennial bed with the shrub, and he hopped off to the vegetable garden.  At one point, both of the bird’s parents were standing next to it, apparently offering advice. After taking this photo, I took off to give them privacy.

1 thought on “Blown into the Garden

  1. yep – that’s a brown thrasher – we have them in our yard too – living in our evergreens…
    they are crazy little birds!!

    Last week one of them had his way with a small snake in our yard – so I hope they stick around! Birds I can handle – snakes, I cannot!

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