Attracting Wildlife

A pair enjoys the early morning sun in my yard and my neighbor's driveway.

Despite intermittent battles with varmints of the burrowing kind, one of my gardening goals is to attract wildlife. We have lots of birds around the garden, including hummingbirds, hawks and (last year, at least) Baltimore orioles. We have bees, butterflies, frogs, snakes,  (they keep down the varmint population), and most recently a pair of ducks who enjoy sunning in our front yard.

It’s not hard to attract wildlife, especially because we live near ponds and a nature area. Most creatures want only three things — habitat, food, and water. For attracting birds, for instance, a thickety stand of shrubs (birds here love sumac, burning bush and highbush cranberry), a few berry producing plants, and a regularly filled birdbath. Keeping the garden slightly messy and as pesticide-free as possible will make your place even more attractive.

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