Great Weekend for Plant Sales

Alright, the rain is not exactly what you would order for a lot of outdoor shopping, but pack an umbrella and head out to some of the spring plant sales around Minnesota. Mother’s Day weekend is one of the biggest weekends of the year for Master Gardener, garden club, and other charity plant sales.

Some of the big ones this weekend include the famous (sometimes infamous because of the crowds!) Friends School plant sale at the Minnesota State Fairgrounds, which started today, as well as a bunch of sales around the Twin Cities and the rest of the state. Check out the MSHS home page for a complete list. (Click on calendar.) Next weekend, especially Saturday, May 15, is another big day for sales, including the sale of the Garden Club of Ramsey County and the Northfield Garden Club.

These sales are a great way to pickup tried-and-true plants for reasonable prices. Plus, the gardeners who work at the sales are always willing to share advice with new or experienced gardeners.

3 Replies to “Great Weekend for Plant Sales”

  1. Just got back from the friends school plant sale, got up at 430a to make it there! Woo!

  2. My first visit to the Friends Plant Sale. It was very well organized, and even though there were lines to get in, and to pay, they moved fast! My good husband consented to take me, and help with the hauling plants around, bless his heart! I missed out on a couple of things I wanted, and a couple were crop failures, but I got a bunch! I’ll look forward to see how all the little darlings do!

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