Garden Warning: The Ticks Are Here

This morning, I felt something funny on the back of my head. Uh-oh. I found a tweezers and asked my teen-age daughter to see what it was and remove it. “I think it’s a tick,” I said. “Ewww, Mom, gross.”

She valiantly looked into the area at the back of my scalp, grabbed the creature with the tweezers, pulled (it was in there tight) and removed it. Sure, enough, it was a tick — a wood tick, I think. Ticks are emerging early in Minnesota this year, due to the warmer than usual spring. I live near a nature area, and I think the tick may have come in on the the body of our new dog, who is built pretty close to the ground. She will be getting a thorough check later this morning. (Deer ticks are the ones that carry Lyme disease, and are very active in Minnesota.)

Meanwhile, it was another reminder to dress properly for gardening. This time of year, I’m digging around in a lot of brush, half-baked compost, and fallen leaves as I clean up the beds for the season. I’ve been wearing long pants, socks and shoes, but I may add a long-sleeved lightweight shirt and a hat to my gardening attire.  I also will be spraying the bottoms of my garden pants with a tick-repellent, since it seems that when a tick is on your head, it got there by crawling up from another part of your body.

Ewww. Gross.

4 thoughts on “Garden Warning: The Ticks Are Here

  1. Reminds me of the time I got lice in grade school. At least you didn’t have to use some nasty-smelling shampoo, did you? We had to sit in the tub for what seemed like hours with that stuff on our heads. You have a very helpful daughter…mine would have bolted at the sight. Thankfully we are (knock wood) tick-free in my neck of the woods.

    Christine in Alaska

  2. Oh my! I haven’t run across anything like that while gardening. All I have to look out for in my neck of the woods are the local bears. They may be big and dangerous, but at least I can see them coming! 🙂

  3. Oh my god. I hate ticks! Like, hate! ticks!

    I will say, go online to where you can buy Thieves essential oil, by Young Living. It’s used for many things – but I always put some on my wrists and shoes before entering tick territory. It works excellent.

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