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I blogged earlier this week about a new product called Vacation that puts plants in stasis for up to two weeks. The idea is gardeners can go on vacation without finding someone to water their plants, particularly those in containers. My explanation of how this works was perhaps a bit fuzzy on the science — which is my go-to position with regard to science. It turns out Vacation is not the only new anti-transpirant on the market. Today I received a press release from the folks at Gardens Alive announcing a product they call Plant Custodian Drought Protector.

Here’s the blurb from the release explaining how Plant Custodian (and likely Vacation) works:

When mixed with water, it causes plants to increase the production of abscisic acid, a plant hormone responsible for several developmental processes.  Raised abscisic acid levels close plants’ stomata (pores) and prevent water loss through transpiration, plants’ same response to a naturally occurring drought.

So, there you have it. It will be interesting to see how many companies come out with a similar product.

3 thoughts on “More on Plant Anti-Transpirants

  1. Hi Mary: Were you at the PW conference where this was promoted and a sample shown? The sample plant was some oregano, so with a slightly-xeric plant, it was hard to see how it worked. It was described as suspended animation. You had to move your plants to a covered area where the rain wouldn’t trigger it to stop working. You can only do it once, before the plant stops making cells for the cell wall? That is how it was explained when someone asked if she could do it every weekend when she went to the cabin. At that point, can I recommend plastic flowers! But hey, my last house was planted quite heavily with those.

  2. Rhonda — I did hear about this at the PW conference. You must have been there, too. I’m sorry we did not get a chance to meet! I agree that the product has some limitations (they were mentioned in my first post on Vacation), but I can see where someone who has invested a lot of time, creativity and cash in their containers would like to try it. This is my weekend to start seeds — have you started already?

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