Dreaming at the Minneapolis Home and Garden Show

The garden Mickman Brothers designed near the MSHS booth.

Isn’t that what home and garden shows are all about? Fantasies of life with your own personal sauna? Or how about that cute shed with the transom windows? Or a water feature that includes a brook running through a garden of bright perennials? But sometimes the dreams become reality.

Friday, while wandering around the Minneapolis Home and Garden Show, I asked a couple — who I thought were sales people — about the shed with the transom windows (hey, I can dream). It turns out they were just sitting in the chairs outside of the shed I coveted, dreaming of a cottage-style playhouse across the aisle. “I can build this for my grand-daughters,” the older gentlemen said, and proceeded to show me several fabulous features of the playhouse he was going to build. Lucky little girls.

For gardeners, the home shows are a chance to get a plant fix while the temps are still cold (4 degrees Friday morning) and figure out what they want to plant. I liked these big begonias and saw lots of deep purple flowers. I also saw water features galore, and this interesting idea for a small garden: Set stones on edge in a square. The square next to this one had a green groundcover and several squares of rocks and groundcovers near each other made for a work of art in the yard.

I just like the texture.

The show continues through tomorrow (Sunday).

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